Cuba Looks Like a Vacuum Cleaner To Me

Everyone talks about how Italy looks like a boot and how Owen Sound sits in the exact spot where an elephant's butt hole would be if the surrounding landscape were an actual elephant and didn't just resemble an elephant. (And I had no problem finding images of that

I just googled "cuba+looks+like+a+vacuum+cleaner" and got nada. I can't be the only one.

Have you ever looked at something and seen something other than what it was supposed to be? 

Do not ask why this woman is vacuuming on the beach. It was the ONLY
side view of an upright vacuum available on the internet at this time.

Click here for a list of images of islands that look like something else, like seahorses and eyeballs for example.


Anonymous said...

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Frimmy said...

Ahahahaha!!!!! You spambots crack me up!!! [she said to nobody who could listen]

Lucky Joestar said...

One time while teaching a science class, I gave my students unlabelled zodiac constellation maps and had them draw what they saw in them. Most of them had Scorpius looking like a tank-style vacuum cleaner, and one made Leo look like a racecar. I myself thought Capricornus looked like a pair of bikini bottoms.

Josey Wallace said...

It just hit me for the first time today. 37 years I've been on this planet and I just saw a vacuum cleaner as I looked at Cuba. Maybe I should clean the house...

Frimmy said...

There's two of us!! I should clean the house too...


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